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Black Lake employs leading specialists for rewinding of electrical motors, both AC and DC. All equipment is remanufactured and repaired to the original equipment manufacturers’ specifications (following EASA Technical Manual), serving industries such as Oil and Gas, Chemical, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Smelting, Refining, and Cement. Black Lake’s repair team can repair AC and DC motors up to 20,000HP, generators, transformers, and switch gears. Our repair service includes vibration analysis and also electrical testing, balancing, and machining.

The electromechanical department is a part of Black Lake Company for oil Services located in Erbil, Iraq. Our staff is recognized as leading specialists in Rewinding of Electrical Motors both AC and DC. All equipment is Remanufactured and Repaired to original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. Serving the following industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Smelting and Refining and the Cement industry, here is a description of the services offered by Electro-Mechanical division.

Division Capacity:
Work on low voltage equipment up to 600 Volt

AC and DC Motors
• Traction Motors
• Top Drives
• Draw works
• Mud Pumps
• Rotary Tables
• Blowers
• Pumps
Power Distribution
• AC Generators
• Transformers
• Switch Gears
• Armatures
• Rotors
• Blowers
• Impellers
• Power transmission products
• Complete Machine Shop Facility meets all requirements for manufacturing and remanufacturing
• Metalworking: Machining, Fabricating, Grinding and Finishing
• CNC Metal Cutting

Vibration Analysis
• Reducing the risk of unexpected downtime
• Extremely effective safeguard against total loss
• Timely ordering of replacement parts to reduce expediting costs
• Advance planning shortens repair and inspection times

Some of the specific types of vibration causing problems that can be detected in the analysis:
• Bearing defects or wear
• Damaged or worn teeth
• Misalignment; internal or external
• Rotating looseness or imbalance
• Resonance, loose components
• Bending or eccentricity
• Unequal thermal effects
• Bad belt drive

Electrical Testing
• Surge test AC motors DC armatures
• Line frequency (50/60Hz) Surge Pulse Rate
• Computer controlled and automated scope functions • Displays % Wave Difference between Surge waves
• Rotor Bar Test – Open or cracked AC rotors
• DC Megohm Test – High and Low range
• DC HiPot Test
• DC Step Voltage Test
• Polarization Index Test
• Dielectric Absorption Test
• Form Coil Test
• Trending reports


List of Equipment:
• Powder Coating Ovens SW-36 1200X1200X1200
• Powder Coating Ovens SL-36 2000X2000X2000
• Paper Cutter FBS 1320 (BL-PLE-008)
• PowerPack-30KV220-240V AC Power Supply
• DC HiPot 80 KV, 10MA 880 PL-10MA-B, & Ground Stick 120KV Max, HHDA 12-280
• Winding Machine Type GM 500/Digital
• Winding Analyzer, D Model, 12Kv with TRPro Reporting Software
• Amature Test Fixer (2 Point)
• FootSwitch for easier use of ATF-11
• REO Variable Transformer Type RRT EN7
• MIDI 3 Bearing Heater
• CMT 3000 H2P Balance Machine (3-ton capacity)
• Hammond Auto Transformer (150 KVA,
• Lathe Machine L/TUJ-50m/2500+Eqipment (with Tools And Sleeves)
• 2PY96 Insulation Multimeter Kit
• 1WXG2 Megohmmeter Battery 50M/100M
• 4CB84 Test Lead Set
• 4PJW6 Impact Socket Set COMBO 3/8 & 1/2 DR, 86 PC
• 3A594 Hex Key Set, Ball End, SAE, 13 PC
• Crimping Tool, 10-22AWG, Non-Insulated
• Impact Adapter/Extension Set, 1/2 DR, 6PC
• Insulation Megohmmeter
• Clamp-On AmMeter, TRMS, 600A AC
• MegohmMeter, Battey

• Hand Pump 0-2800 Bar

• Gauge For Hand Pump 0-2800 BAR Range
• Fitting and Tubing (5 Each)
• Measuring Instruments
• Tap and Dies Metric
• Tap and dies
• Tap and dies
• Torque Wrench
• Torque Wrench
• Digital Vernear

Outside Micrometer 1658 /25
• Infrared Laser
• Tach
• Lamp 1838

• Pullers (1500N/4)
• Pullers
• Hot Air Gun
• Impact Wrench
• Die Grinder
• Air Hammer
• Workbench
• Sling Chain
• Angle Grinders
• Drill
• Bench Grinder GB800
• Jig Saw 4326M
• Portable Band Saw
• Hook Wrench(2) – Pullers (1) – Trolly (3) – Jack Stands(1) – Drill(1) -Saw (1)
• Tool Box Contain all Screw Drivers, files, and Wrenches
• Sockets Set – 920/C37
• Cable Cutter
• AMP Clamp
• Variable Auto Transformer – With DC Bridge Rectifier (0 – 440 V)(200 AMPS)
• Variable Auto Transformer – With DC Bridge Rectifier (0-440 V)(60 AMPS)