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All our inspectors have more than 5 years’ experience in Oil & Gas field and are certified in various inspection methods, such as

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Visual inspection
  • Lifting Equipment Inspection
  • Eddy current Inspection


Black lake provides service for Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) for Petroleum Industry and Auto motive industrial field for all type of ferrous & nonferrous materials. A.C. Yoke and Magnetic coil are used with active & residual longitudinal technique using dry iron powder, Wet visible magnetic contrast and Wet fluorescent methods.

Liquid Penetrant Testing

Black lake provides service for Liquid Penetrant (PT) testing used for finding discontinuities open to the surface on materials with relatively smooth, nonporous surfaces. It works based on the properties of capillary action, or the ability of a liquid to rise or climb when confined to a small opening due to surface wetting properties of the liquid. It uses a dye (visible or fluorescent) to penetrate discontinuities open to the surface, is removed after a short dwell time, and then is covered with a developer which provides a background to see indications against. PT is very versatile and can be used in both field and shop applications.


Ultrasonic Inspection

Black lake provides Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging and Ultrasonic flaw detector inspection service for both petroleum industry and automotive industry, we have necessary experienced inspectors in various aspects of special survey and understand the special requirement survey to deliver accurate reports with tables and CAD drawings.

We have latest equipment’s like Olympus EpochLTC, Dakota DFX-8, Dakota MX-1, Nova TG 110-DL,


  • Thickness gauging on Low/High Pressure lines including mud lines, air lines, ballast lines, choke and kill lines / manifolds etc.
  • UT Shear wave inspection for internal defects on Magnetic & nonmagnetic drilling tools and structural solid body and weldments


Drilling Tools Inspection Services

Black lake is the leading provider of NDT Services of Drill pipe, Bottom Hole Assembly and Speciality Drilling Tools Inspection in Iraq.

Black lake has the capability to perform inspection services to the following accepted oilfield recommended practices and specifications

API (American Petroleum Institute) Specifications and Recommended Practices

T.H. Hill DS-1 (All Categories)

Our services include:

  • Visual Inspection and acceptance of rotary connections
  • Magnetic particle inspection, using black light or dry powder, of BHA and specialty tools
  • Liquid Dye Penetrant Inspection, for Non-Magnetic tools
  • Ultrasonic shear wave inspection of tool joints
  • Ultrasonic Inspection of wall thickness
  • Hot spot checking of non-magnetic tools
  • Internal pneumatic rattling and external cleaning of tubular
  • Refacing of connection sealing faces
  • Rebevelling of tool joints to DS-1 criteria
  • Straightening of tube bodies

Drill Pipe Inspection

Black lake can provide full range of pipe inspection ion sizes ranging from 2-3/8″ to 5-1/2″ while following customer’s specifications and edition of DS-1 or API guidelines. We have state-of-the-art tube inspection equipment to meet API inspection requirements or third party inspections, including full-length wall thickness measurement of the pipe tubes. Also have various types New Tech Systems Electromagnetic Inspection units (EMI) with wall loss monitor. These units are capable of inspecting OD drill pipe ranging from 2 3/8″ up to 5 1/2″ conventional ones as well as dual-function units with wall monitoring.

Drill Pipe Inspection services includes: Category 1 – 5

  • Visual body inspection
  • OD Gauging
  • Wet and Dry Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Visual connection & Thread gauging
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI)

We also provide refacing, straightening, Rust preventative external coating of tubular for storage and pipe internal and external cleaning services.

Casing / Tubing Inspection

Inspection of used casing or tubing is carried out in accordance with API & manufacturer standard Black lake supplies API & Special metal & Teflon Drifts. We also supply thread protectors & Thread components .

General scope shall include:

  • ID Cleaning / OD Cleaning
  • Visual Thread Inspection
  • Full Length Drifting
  • Spot Wall Thickness Measurements
  • Black Light Inspections.
  • EMI on Body (Tubing up to 4-1/2” size)
  • Stenciling

Eddy Current Inspection

Blacklake also provides Eddy current inspection service due to inherent benefit of non-requirement of paint removal for inspection which is a drawback in the conventional NDT method of MPI. Eddy current eliminates the need of surface preparation and saves lot of time in paint removal and re-application of paint post inspection. Only at places indications received prove-up is done with MPI.

One of the major advantages of eddy current as an NDT tool is the variety of inspections and measurements that can be performed. In the proper circumstances, eddy currents can be used for:

  • Crack detection, Crack depth determination
  • Material thickness & Coating thickness measurements
  • Material identification / sorting
  • Heat damage detection
  • Sensitive to small cracks and other defects
  • Detects surface and near surface defects
  • Method can be used for much more than flaw detection
  • Inspects complex shapes and sizes of conductive materials

Blacklake has onboard trained and qualified inspectors to carry out Eddy current inspection onshore Rigs Blacklake uses the latest state of the art Olympus Nortec 600 Unit

Lifting Equipment Inspection

Blacklake can inspect, test and certify all types of lifting appliances on location. We are the Developing member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) since 2011. Membership # 32098 LEEA in the UK and follow the latest LOLER guidelines.

Our survey provides a comprehensive register and database of all hoisting and lifting equipment’s on a drilling rig and includes both fixed and loose lifting gears. All the equipment’s are inspected to latest standards of LOLER / API / BS and manufacturers guidelines wherever applicable Blacklake has experienced inspectors with load testing equipment available up to 55 tons to meet almost any lifting requirement. Our inspectors routinely inspect Offshore Baskets and Racks, Skid mounted units and Containers, Land Rigs Lifting points overhead cranes, Mobile Cranes and all types of Lifting Equipment’s.




Instrumentation is a specialized oilfield service section for systems used on inland and offshore drilling and servicing rigs. We offer a tightly integrated package of services including installation, commissioning, on-site trouble shooting, remote support and both in-house and mobile calibration.

 Black lake performs Calibration and testing Services for all types of Process Instrument Installation & Loop Checking Instruments to DCS. Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning Bench Calibration, Trouble Shooting & Loop Checking of open and Closed Loop. We perform field Instrument


Pneumatic & Electronic Instrument types FT, PT, LT, TT, Pressure Gauge & all Types of Thermocouple and R.T.D & DP Type Level Transmitter, Loop Checking Instrument to DCS to Control Valve MCP Checking & Calibration of PSV, PRV Valves, Weight Indicator, Pressure Chart Recorder all types of Hydrostatic Pressure Testing etc.


The Black Lake Soft Tracking System analyses data about every piece of equipment on a client’s location that requires inspection and automatically provides recommendation for re-inspection dates. A customer receives an alert with suggested inspection dates and schedules the service date with Black Lake representatives. Black Lake team will monitor the client’s assets inspection expiry dates to ensure all the equipment on site remains inspected as per quality standards.