Make-Up and Break-Out

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Our bucking unit is designed for fast and accurate make-up and break-out of pipe threads and connections of casing, tubing, drilling tools and down hole tools up to a maximum torque of 150,000 ft./lbs.


The unit has enhanced torque control precision to meet the requirement of premium connections. Our six-cylinder machine is hydraulically powered, fully rotational, and is capable of handling sizes ranging from 2 3/8” to 23”.

Fully Rotational Torque Machine

Our machine range of Fully Rotational Torque Machines are designed for fast and accurate, horizontal make up and break out of premium threaded connections and all types of threads.

  • ​Low torque ability as standard circa.100 ft. lb.
  • Hydraulically fully floating heads – no need for additional utilities i.e. compressed air
  • Multiple graph overlay and make-up trend – instantly highlights any anomalies in make-up
  • Fully floating head and tailstock allows for any pipe deflection without damaging threads
  • Fully extendable clamping jaws that grip the machine’s entire pipe range without the requirement to change jaws.
  • Low hydraulic working pressure
  • Electronic control desk
  • Hydraulic power pack that can be situated outside away from the Torque machine
  • In-house developed software package that conforms to the latest industry regulations
  • Capable of clamping 2.3/8” diameter upwards
  • Standard Torque ratings up to 150,000 ft. lbs. for fully floating machines

Bucking Machine

Diameter 2-3/8” to 23”

360 Degree rotate head

150,000 ftlb