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  • Black Lake offers inspection, repair, remanufacturing and hydro testing of blowout preventers (BOPs) and wellhead equipment’s.


  • The Pressure Equipment division specializes in inspection and repair of high pressure equipment. Black lake is licensed for API 16A and API 6A specs support services. We can also manufacture spools, flanges crossovers and other high pressure tools within the API specifications.


  • We undertake recertification of Shaffer, T3 NOV, Hydrill, Cameron and GE Hydric pressure control equipment like BOP, Drilling spool, Rams and etc… All equipment is remanufactured in accordance with and certified to API Spec 16A/ API 16AR standards and can be restored to ‘as new’ condition.
  • We undertake recertification of Products Manual gate valves, Hydraulic gate valves, Drilling Choke, X-mass tree, Spools, Adapters, Flanges, Manifold parts etc. All equipment is remanufactured in accordance with and certified to API Spec 6A.
  • We have machining facility Horizontal / Vertical boring machine.
  • We have Welding facility (SAW, SMAW, TIG).
  • We have Furness for Post Weld Heat Treatment.
  • We have facility for Sand Blasting / Painting.
  • We have crane in our BOP shop.
  • We have hydraulic torque tools.


The key benefits of our BOP / Wellhead Equipment’s repair and certification service include:

  • High quality and reliability.
  • Remanufacture to latest industry standards and specifications.
  • Reduced downtime and cost savings.
  • We have Qualified Inspector / Qualified Welder / Qualified NDT Inspector.
  • We have valid license to service according API Q1, 6A, 16A, 5CT, 7-1 Products.




Black Lake offers testing services for BOPs and Wellhead equipment. we are the first company in the region to offer specialized testing for wellhead equipment with nitrogen gas immersion.

Black Lake’s team maintains schedules of all conducted inspections and will notify clients when the next inspection is due, minimizing time loss and mitigating risk of equipment failure.

We have Hydrostatic Pressure test unit 30,000psi and we have proper test pay.

We have Gas Pressure test unit 35,000psi and we have proper test pay.


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Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT):

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