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Procurement department is designed to support Black Lake with the most quality and cost effective agreements and suppliers. Our highly skilled personnel evaluates and procures raw materials, products and services, while creating strategies to cut costs and meet company objectives. This is achieved by negotiating the best deal for company- the highest quality product available for the lowest price – according to the company and client standards and oil field industry regulations. Black Lake’s procurement department is divided into two key subcategories indirect procurement and PSP service.

Indirect Procurement
In this department we source and purchase materials, goods and services in order to maintain, develop and expand our operations. The goods and services classified under the umbrella of indirect procurement are commonly bought for internal consumption between our product line divisions and sister companies.

PSP ( Procurement Service Provider ) Service
Black Lake’s PSP service supports our Sales division in order to cover our customer’s needs by offering areas of expertise such as provision of the best offers according to customer requirements, vendor management, supplier risk assessment and writing contracts.

How can our PSP service benefit your operations:

  • We offer systems and processes to limit risk and ensure accountability, transparency and value for money
  • We assist in pre-qualifying and registering suppliers as well as developing specifications per project’s needs
  • We manage tenders and Requests for Proposal as to the point of handling the negotiations to ensure fairness

Companies utilizing our PSP service have been able to reduce costs for goods and services, improve spending coverage, leverage the latest procurement technologies and employ industry best practices, all without taking on the risks and assets required to achieve such results.

As a scale-driven game, our market intelligence combined with strategic sourcing and reliable service ensures an efficient and effective procurement function.

We offer a refreshing approach to orchestrating the complex network of external assets that fuel your business’ success. Your suppliers.