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Black Lake has partnered with Castling Eutectic, a worldwide leader of repair and wear protection, to offer the only thermal spray high-velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) coating services in Iraq.

We are now able to provide HVOF spraying, using the most sophisticated plant and equipment; advanced robotic work handling and specialist diamond grind finishing techniques. HVOF coatings solve many severe surface attack problems caused by the effects of abrasion, erosion, corrosion, wear and high temperature environments and improve the lifetime of the equipment.


HVOF coating is a thermal spray coating process in which the desired material in powder form is injected into the stream from a controlled feeder, where it gets heated and accelerated onto the surface by means of the high temperature, high velocity gas stream, producing a dense spray coating.


HVOF process

HVOF stands for High Velocity Oxygen Fuel. It is a flame spray process resulting in a mechanical bond between the feedstock of powder and the parent material. Heat is imparted into the very fine powder particles. The molten particles are then propelled at very high velocities to the prepared surface to be rebuilt. Application rates are lower than arc spray but the density of an HVOF coating and its bond strength are both higher than arc spray.



The advantages of HVOF coatings include:

  • HVOF coatings are very clean, hard, and dense with fine homogeneous structures
  • Coatings are tenaciously bonded to the substrate with a high degree of bond strength
  • HVOF coatings have low compressive stress, which results in very thick coatings
  • HVOF coatings are used to improve or restore a component’s surface properties or dimensions, thus extending equipment life


HVOF Carbide Coatings have now become a permanent replacement for hazardous Hard Chrome Plating. A few advantages of HVOF coatings over Hard Chrome plating are as follows:

  • They are more abrasive resistant than Hard Chrome Plating
  • They give better fatigue strength to the component
  • They provide equally good corrosion protection


  • Provide improved wear, impact and fatigue resistance
  • Equal or better corrosion resistance

Applications include

  • Drill string Mandrel, Jar Oil drilling parts
  • Housings of all Oil drilling parts
  • Pump Sleeves
  • Wire Drawing Guide
  • Extremely hard wear resistant seal diameters
  • Mixers
  • Mono Pump Screws
  • Wet Areas of Pump Volutes and Impellors
  • Final Drive Bearing Positions
  • Rotary Valve Bodies/Rotors
  • Core Bridges
  • Drill Rods
  • Turbine Blades
  • Wear Rings
  • Casting Patterns

Black Lake Has Computerized ABB Robot System for HVOF