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Black Lake was founded by a team already experienced in the cleaning and testing of shell and tubes heat exchangers, columns, filters, air coolers and pressure vessels for the most varied applications.

The chemical and petrochemical industry, a world in constant development and relentless expansion, the constant search for new forms of energy, this is our natural environment, where companies like us are constantly asked for a better quality, punctuality in delivery time and flexibility, in order to face market challenges.


…to clean custom‐engineered heat exchangers, pressure vessels and any kind of pressure related equipment using the latest state of the art technology with professionalism, competence and in full compliance with the most recognized quality standards…



In a globalized world, where geographical boundaries are no longer a barrier, our efforts will be directed at expanding our range of action in areas where new opportunities are growing up…

The market is asking companies for higher quality standards emphasizing the importance of ethical values, respect for the environment and a wise energy management. It will be Black Lake constant commitment to achieve new certifications fulfilling the request of an increasingly more demanding market.